Heartbeat Ensemble

October 21, Friday, 7:30PM Royal Alberta Museum Percussion Heartbeat Ensemble

The Heartbeat Ensemble performs Indian Classical Music with both a deep respect for tradition and an ear for the contemporary soundscape. Extraordinary rhythmic diversity is interwoven with superb improvisation as this globally-acclaimed group delves into the great and complex musical traditions of India. Headed by ghatam (clay pot) virtuoso and composer Dr. S. Karthick, Heartbeat navigates the vast rhythmic and melodic seas of Indian Classical Music through highly engaging performances featuring a variety of string and percussion instruments. Melodic instruments such as electric violin/mandolin, digital veena, or keyboard and a percussion battery including Mridangam, Kanjira, Ghatam and Morsing, together these classical Indian instruments provide a dazzling array of colors and textures, as the players weave intricate rhythmic patterns around one another, improvising their way across vast fields of sonic and emotional space.

  • Dr. Ghatam Karthick – Ghatam, Konnakol, Vocal
  • Embar Kannan - Silent Violin
  • Poongulam Subramanian – Mridangam
  • Keyboard Sathya – Keyboard
  • BS Arunkumar – Rhythm Pads
  • Shree Sundar – Kanjira


Website- www.ghatamkarthick.com