Ranjani and Gayatri

SAT SEP 19 7PM (Confirm Time) FESTIVAL PLACE (Sherwood Park)

Presented by Image India - Cosponsored by Raga-Mala* and Edmonton Tamil Cultural Association

Ranjani---GayatriRanjani and Gayatri started their career as a violin duo, and established themselves as top class violinists of international repute, winning the title of Outstanding Violinists Award for four consecutive years from the Music Academy, Chennai from 1994 to 1998. They started giving vocal concerts since 1997 and within barely three years won high praise from music lovers all over the globe. Trained by the late Sangeeta Bhooshanam T.S.Krishnaswami in carnatic violin, they had their initial vocal training from their mother Meenakshi Balasubramanian and continue to train with Padma Bhushan P. S. Narayanaswamy since 1994. A-Graded artistes of All India Radio and Doordarshan, both in violin and vocal music, the sisters are also known for their ornate renditions of abhangs owing to their upbringing and artistic influences from Mumbai.

Delhi Sriram, mridangam

H.N. Bhaskar violin

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